Mouldcraft A2000L Fast Cast Polyurethane Liquid Plastic Casting Resin Kit
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Mouldcraft A2000L Fast Cast Polyurethane Liquid...

Mouldcraft A2000L Fast Cast Polyurethane Liquid Plastic Casting Resin Kit

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Choose from 120g,250g, 500g,1kg,2kg,5kg,10kg
Easy 1:1 mix two part polyurethane resin that has a wide range of casting uses. When cured it creates a strong non-brittle cast.

Similar to our SG range this resin does not cure with an oily finish making it more suitable for casts which are to be painted or guilded.

A2000L also has a longer pot life for longer working times like the SG range A200L also takes pigmentation extremely well, allowing for strong vibrant colours to be cast, we recommend using our range of polyurethane pigments for maximum compatibility.

Having established itself as the common choice on many films sites and within the prototyping industry the A2000L range has now become on of the foremost liquid plastics.

Applications include:
Patterns, Negatives, Castings, Models, Vacuum forming tools, prototypes ,core boxes, coping models,mould probes for trimming of prototypes

Mix ratio instructions:
Mix Ratio : 1A : 1B By Weight Pot Life 200g/20°c : 7 – 8 Minutes
Demould Time : 30 Min / 1hr
Shore D : 72±2
Heat Resistance (HDT) DIN EN ISO 75 B (celcius) : 86±3
Viscosity at 25°c Mixed : 50±5
Cured Colour : Ivory

Also suitable for use in rtv silicone, latex, hdpe moulds etc.. in our shop


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